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Pudding Fong

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Pudding Fong
She is the fourth Mew Mew to be introduced and her D.N.A is merged with a Golden Lion Tamarin In the Mew Mew Power English adaptation, her name is changed to Kiki Benjamin and she is voiced by Kether Donahue. In the Italian dub, she is named Paddy. In the Spanish, Brazilian, French, Portuguese and Hungarian dubs she retains her English name. In the Danish, Thai and Hebrew dubs she retains her Japanese name. In the Korean dub she is named Puring. In the Mandarin dub she is named Bu-Ling. In the Cantonese dub she is named Bou-Ling. Because her mother died when she was very young, Pudding has to care for her numerous sisters. Pudding misses her mother a great deal, and always tries to change the subject when people ask bout her mother. Her father is a master of many different fighting styles and she doesn't see him that often. Pudding refers to all of the Mews as "onee-chan", signifying that she sees them as her older sisters. Despite her age, Pudding is raising her five younger siblings and managing the family finances while their father is training in the mountains. To get money. she used to do tricks in the park to make money to "support the arts". The manga never mentions Pudding's mother, while the anime adaptation states that she died Midway through the series, Pudding befriends Tart when he captures her and holds her hostage. She is reluctant to fight Tart during the final battle until he affirms they have no choice, and cries over him after he is defeated. Pudding kisses Tart at the end of the series and tells him she does not want it to be goodbye. He replies by saying that he may return to see her. In the anime adaptation, the relationship between Pudding and Tart is expanded and the circumstances of their initial friendship changes ? instead of being saved by the Mew Mews, Tart himself saves Pudding from an underground cavern when he realizes that she is suffocating from a lack of oxygen. In Episode 33: A Fiance Appears! Pudding?s Fated Marriage?!, a mysterious man saves Pudding when she is attacked by Tart's chimera animal. The man reveals himself to be Ron Yuebin, an apprentice of Pudding's father. He defeats Pudding in a match to decide who will inherit the family fighting style and also to marry Pudding. He later spends time in Pudding's home taking care of her siblings while she works at Cafe Mew Mew. He ends up rescuing Pudding from a rogue chimera animal and travels to China with the intent of learning to protect his fiance, Pudding. Pudding likes do acrobatics and playing. Her favorite foods are teintsin sweet, chesnuts, pudding, and chou a la creme. However she dislikes rakkyu. Pudding grows a monkey tail and ears while transformed, and fights with a pair of rings. The other Mew Mews agree that her monkey DNA is a perfect match for her personality as she is full of energy and loves having fun ? to the point Mint considers her very immature. She is also the most hyperactive member of the team, even more-so than Ichigo.
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